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Babbacombe Weather and Tides

Click here for tidal predictions at Devonport for today and 7 days forward click the logo below. Add approximately 20 minutes for prediction in Babbacombe.

Babbacombe beach is best dived approximately 2 hours either side of high water. This is a generalization and applies more at times of spring tides. Neap tides will generally enable you to dive at any time of the day. When planning our trip bear in mind that the car park can become busy at weekends and during the peak season. For this reason it is best to arrive early regardless of the state of the tide.

For the bbc weather pages for Babbacombe click the logo below.

As Babbacombe Bay faces East the beach is rendered undiveable during Easterly winds (as is most of east and South Devon). Generally speaking winds from the East in excess of Force 2 on the Beaufort Scale or 10 mph will prohibit diving. These winds are usually associated with high pressure systems that settle across the UK at certain times during the summer.

For a more detailed analysis of the likely diving conditions please call us before traveling.