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About us and our location

There has been a settlement at Babbacombe since before records began. Initially the domain of fishermen and smugglers, the location did not take on a recreational role until the early 20th Century when the garden room of the now demolished property 'The Glen', formerly the home of Miss Emma Keyes, was converted to a beach cafe by Torbay Borough Council. This original beach cafe was destroyed by fire in April 1928.

Click here to learn more about the remarkable history that surrounds the Babbacombe Beach Cafe site and the area which now forms the car park. The story of John 'Babbacombe' Lee - the man they couldn't hang is centered here.

More recently, with the growth of the leisure industry, the location has become a mecca for Scuba Divers, anglers and boating enthusiasts. The cafe, whilst still offering a supurb range of meals and refreshments has taken a new role as a focal point for these activities. Where visiting beach goers once bought ice creams and candyfloss, now visiting dive groups gather to exchange diving stories, discuss open water training and debrief at the end of a days diving.

For those who have made an early start to beat the summer traffic Wayne's breakfasts are a must. What better way to start the day!... Then...Relax during that all important surface interval with a burger or two, or perhaps something more substantial. Finally, before that journey home, unwind with a Coffee whilst you fill in your log book and learn from your Instructor just what it was you were supposed to have done on that last dive!

Our aim is to provide an all round support facility with car parking, meals and some local knowledge. All of which is designed for us to make your trip to Babbaombe Beach as pleasent and productive as we can.

We hope you find this web site both informative and entertaining. Please email us your comments, feedback and dive stories for all to share.


We have created this web site to provide information as well as entertainment and interest for visiting divers. Every effort has been made to include enough detail to enable visitors to assess the local conditions and plan accordingly.

Unfortunately, we are unable to advise on the suitability of the prevailing conditions as they are relative to the needs and experience of the individual diver. Therefore the decision as to whether to travel or dive can only be made by yourselves.

We are always happy to answer specific questions which may not be answerable by viewing the site alone. Provided the calls are during normal business hours. However, we would appreciate it if you did not call us every hour on the hour during the busy season to ask if the sun is shining or similar!